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Idk how much more simpler I have to make my name for white ppl to pronounce correctly. It’s Fatima. It’s truly as simple as it gets. I don’t understand how y’all can pronounce superfragilisticexpialidocious but not Fatima.

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Why do I have to be so socially awkward? I just want friends. BE MY FRIEND

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sorry i can’t go to school my earphones aren’t working

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The Hunger Games - Catching Fire - Mockingjay Part 1

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schools have stairs so you can throw yourselves down them

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In my Pop Culture class yesterday, my prof asked “how many of you are feminists?” I, along with a couple people raised their hands. One guy in the front raised his hand and quickly put it down as a joke like “as if I’m a feminist.” Then the prof proceeded to ask “how many of you believe in equal rights?” The whole class raised their hands and the prof said “then you’re all feminists”



If you’re still in school, whatever grade you’re in, this free website is super cool and helpful for organizing your schedule and staying on top of your assignments.

It’s called My Study Life and my school installed the app on the laptops issued to the students at our high school. It’s open…



I feel like way too many adults say college kids are rude or some shit like that. 99% of the time when I hold the door open for someone at my University, I get some form of a thank you, and that is probably one of the easiest ways to be polite- saying thank you. But when I’m just out at a store or…


Okay, Charlie McDonnell is totally onto something in his video Don’t Break the Chain. I want to make myself a bunch of calendars like he did to encourage positive habit formation. What a great idea!

Hmmm, I’ll need one for studying, exercising, maybe one for Duolingo/Lumosity… I’m so inspired!



Taking good, accurate, and fast notes is crucial to success in any sort of post-secondary education. It’s only now, in my third year, that I’ve finally nailed down a system that works. For me. It may not work for you, fancypants.

  1. Take speedy notes in class. Notes on notes. On notes. This is probably the most important step. When I’m in class, I try to focus both on what is on the slide/ board, and what the prof is saying. Often I find what the prof is saying comes in handy later on when I’m studying because it can help contextualize what I’ve written down.
  2. Skip a few days. Relax. Have a nap. Have three.
  3. Re-write the notes, taking care to focus on definitions and key words. For me, this involves separate colours. Green is for key words that will stick in my brain for when I need them later, like on the midterm. Pink is for terms and definitions. This way, when I’m trying to memorize, the most important things can jump out at me. Purple is for headings and general knowledge. I usually know a list or group of similar characteristics is coming when I need purple.

Studies show that both re-writing your notes and using different colours helps with retention. I think this method works so well for me because I feel like I’m getting a two-for one: prettier notes, and extra studying. Mama loves a bargain.

Credits to my homeboy’s Mankiw, Kneebone, and McKenzie, for making Microeconomics fun since 2011. 

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